Baldessarini “Ambre” on “Matrioshka’s” birthday
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VALENTINO ETE in the beautiful garden
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10-year anniversary "Voulez-Vous"
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"Voulez-Vous" at Melikishvili Street opened !
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 "Very Irresistible Givenchy" by Givenchy and Independence Day of Georgia

The festival of flowers was held in old Tbilisi, in the streets of Sharden, Rkinis Rigi and Bambis Rigi on 26th of May, on Independence Day of Georgia. One would easily recognize the stand of “Voulez-Vous” company among various aroma of flowers, presenting a perfume - “Very Irresistible Givenchy ” by Givenchy. Incidentally, 5 natural roses and 1 artificially cultivated one were used to create aforementioned fragrance. The consultants of “Voulez-Vous” asked specific questions to the all comers and the right answers were granted with the prizes.

Franck Delorm ,Visagiste of "Givenchy" in Tbilisi

Mr. Franck Delorm, the visagite of Givenchy,visited the company “Voulez-Vous” for 4 days at the beginning of 2007.

During 2 days he had painted several tens of devoted clients of this chain in different shops of “Voulez-Vous”.

Famous Georgian models, actresses, singers

and TV presenters visited him

on the third day of his stay in Tbilisi and afterwards,

he had a supper with these well-known ladies in the “left side” (Georgian side) of restaurant – “Two side” at the end of the day.There were presented Georgian program and Georgian dishes especialy for our guest.

The next day began with the interviews with famous journalists of mass media in the lobby of the hotel “Marriot” and later, on the same day was given a French evening of “Givenchy” in the restaurant of “Kalakuri”.

Mr. Delorm made flash make-up for all comers. The guests won prizes.

There was a huge and delicious cake with the logo of “Givenchy”.

The famous Georgian singer Nato Metonidze sang French songs at the end of the evening,

following this sentimental guest begun to cry.


However, as Mr. Delorm mentioned, in spite of his constant travels, he had never had such warm welcome. As a consequence of it, Franck marked the next visit to Tbilisi in his rigid schedule.

Photo session by “Voulez -Vous”

Photo Studio “Kikala Studio” and TV company “Rustavi 2”

with the help of make-up artist and production of “Voulez-Vous” arranged the photo session of Georgian famous singer Nato MetonidzeNato Metonidze and TV presenter Naniko Khazaradze.

Naniko Khazaradze

Naniko Khazaradze

As a result of it, Photos became of high quality indeed.

Grand Opening Dior Boutique at Rustaveli Avenue Tbilisi

On the 24th of February we rolled out the red carpet for the opening of our Dior Boutique at Rustaveli Avenue, the most prestigious Avenue in Tbilisi. In a white stretched limousine the special guests of the evening arrived: famous singer Nani Bregvadze gave her ‘acte de presence’ for the opening rituals of the restyled shop.


As the guests entered the shop an orchestra of violins was playing and champagne was served.

All eyes on Nani Bregvadze and Dior

After the official opening all guests were invited for a celebrity dinner in the restaurant "Marco Polo". Eka Mamaladze (daughter of Nani) and Nani Bregvadze performed several songs and the representatives of Style Distribution presented several awards to our loyal Dior clients.

Performing Together

Pure Poison Launched Spectacularly

The new addition to Dior's Poison line of perfumes, "Pure Poison" was launched spectacularly in a chique Tbilisi restaurant.
On the beat of sensual music, four dancers carried a huge Pure Poison bottle into the hall. The bottle was handmade in Tbilisi. On the music of the Pure Poison clip, a beautiful model appeared from the bottle and presented the fragrance to the cheering crowd.

Pure Poison carried in

The spectacle placed the wild and mysterious character of the new fragrance in a stylish surrounding of Georgian beauty and class.

Georgian beauty with Pure Poison

Many guests from all circles of Georgian society were present, and listened to a song by famous Georgian singer Nani Bregvadze. The first bottle of Pure Poison perfume was then presented to mrs Bregvadze by mr Jacques Mantz, director of Parfums Christian Dior.

Mr Matz presents first Pure Poison

The scenery was beautifully designed by Voulez-Vous designer Ina, who did a fanstastic job.

Beautiful decorations by Ina

After the ceremony ended all guests were invited outside, where specacular fireworks reminded all Tbilisi that Pure Poison had been launched !

Bang! Pure Poison is launced