Baldessarini “Ambre” on “Matrioshka’s” birthday
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VALENTINO ETE in the beautiful garden
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10-year anniversary "Voulez-Vous"
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"Voulez-Vous" at Melikishvili Street opened !
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Max Factor in “Amirani” cinema

There was a presentation of the next issue of a magazine – “Kino” in cinema “Amirani” on 28th of June.

The aforementioned issue was fully dedicated to Cannes Film Festival. Invited guests have a good opportunity to win the prizes of Max Factor

The winner Lasha Baqradze

and moreover, apply flash make-up by “Voulez-Vous’s” make-up artists.

The guests have assisted at the premiere of the Tarantino’s last movie at the end of the evening.

Baldessarini "Ambre" on "Matrioshka"'s birthday.

Russian restaurant “Matrioshka” celebrated 5th Anniversary on 30th of June.

"Matrioshka's" Birthday

For this reason, social and business elite of Tbilisi were invited.

The guests have a good chance to familiarize with the novelty of company of “Voulez-Vous” – Baldessarini "Ambre" at the decorated corner in the entrance of the restaurant,

while prizes of “Voulez-Vous” were awarded to the winners of the competition held at evening party.

Leaves of Roses with  Valentino "Rock'n Rose"

Spaying of a new fragrance – "Rock’n Rose" by Valentino was held in “Maydan Club” on 31st of May.

Valentino "Rock'n Rose"

 There was a presentation of collected poems by Georgian poetess Mako Jaoshvili. All the guests received presents with the fragrance of "Rock’n Rose" - aforementioned book with the leaves of rose in a sack of organza.

Max Factor In Rustaveli Theatre 

Following the cooperation of Rustaveli Theatre and company “Voulez-Vous” There were given personal Make-up bags with products of Max Factor  to 16 leading artists of the theatre.

Rustaveli Theatre's Ball Room

"Voulez Vous" Bags with Max Factory products

Marina Kakhiani

This event was held in Ball Room of Rustaveli Theatre on 17th of May.

Nino Tarkhan- Mouravi


Nana Pachuashvili

David Darchia

These two companies are planning to carry on resembling actions in the future.

"Boss Femme" on St. Valentine's Day

“Voulez-Vous” company organized spraying of a new fragrance – “Boss Femme” In connection with St. Valentine’s Day in restorant "Two Side".

The guests won prizes and Georgian singer Gio Khutsishvili specially for ladies performed love songs that evening.

Georgian Première of “Perfume” was presented by

“Voulez Vous”

On October 18th "Voulez- Vous" hosted the world première of the famous movie “Perfume”  in cinema “Amirani” . The cinema hall was decorated in the spirit of the era portrayed in Patrick Suskind’s literary work.

Georgian premier of "Perfumer"

On first day of the première, Voulez Vous consultants in Perfumer’s époque dresses were presenting «Sira des indes» by Jean Patou.

Jean Patou "Siras des indes"

Jean Patou "Siras des indes"

Jean Patou's "Siras des indes"

There were a lot of surprises and effective moments on that evening. In the end of the film, when Perfumer is standing among numerous people on the guillotine in the middle of the tremendous square and is pouring out his new perfume audience was able to watch the film in three dimensions: they saw, heard and smelt as well the fragrance which poured out in the cinema hall using the ventilating equipment.

One week with “ Hugo Pure Purple” and “ Hugo Energize”

During one week almost every day, there were “Hugo Pure Purple” and “Hugo Energize” evenings in front of “Voulez Vous’s “, “Ici Paris’s” and “Lutecia’s” different shops.

 Maestro Morris with his group of dancers organized wonderful parties in the street,

many people gathered to watch his impassioned dance and to smell delicate perfumes.


evenings ended with big purple-red color confetti firework.

Boss In Motion in Billiard Club “Imperial”

On October 3rd at 19:00pm, there was Boss Hugo Boss’s new fragrance “Boss In Motion” presentation in the Billiard club “Imperial”.

Presentation of "Boss In Motion"  In  Billiard Club "Imperial"

"Boss In Motion" fourchette

Here were a lot of celebrities, loyal clients and media representatives.

Basa Potskhishvili and  Mark So

after the presentation and light fourchette was held billiard competition

in between the guests and the winners were rewarded with Diplomas of Billiard club “Imperial” and with special prizes from “Voulez Vous”.


The winner

“Cinema Café” opening accompanied by Lacoste's new fragrances

In the end of September, “Cinema café” opened in “Amirani” Cinema.

Lacosta "Inspiration" and "Essential"

In the entrance of café at the both sides Lacoste’s new fragrances were presented: Lacoste Inspiration for women

Lacosta "Inspiration"

and Lacoste Essential for men.

Lacosta "Essential"

There was a great interest and admiration towards these new perfumes.

Lacoste boom in Bomond Garden

On September 21 there was a Lacoste perfumes spraying action in Music and Drama Theatre Garden.

Lacosta "Touch Of Pink","Touch Of Sun","Cool Play"

In this wonderful garden, there was the opening of “Axis” Ladies club, so the entire 'Beaumonde' of Georgian Ladies was present. In the entrance, “Voulez Vous” charming consultants were spraying Lacoste's new aromas: “Touch of pink”,

"Touch Of Pink"

“Touch of sun” and “Cool play”. These delicate perfumes were in the air all night long.

"Cool Play"

”Max Factor and the première of  “Volver” by Pedro Almadovar

On July 5th in one of the biggest cinemas of Tbilisi was hosting two great events: the première of new film by Pedro Almadovar “Volver”

and the presentation of new Georgian magazine “Kino” which is a special cinematography magazine.

Where the guests were gathering the tester stand with the novelties of Max Factor was presented.


and right before the beginning of the first show the gifts from Max Factor were given away through a lottery. Among the guests were many celebrities.


 VALENTINO ETE in the beautiful garden

Unforgettable VALENTINO ETE evening has been organized in the “Music and Drama Theatre” on 12th of July.

Over 300 persons came to attend Georgian famous singer Lisa Bagrationi’s concert.

There were many well-known faces: composers, singers, film directors, politicians, designers, painters and actors.

Procter & Gamble Beauty

Max Factor at 6th Tbilisi International Film Festival October 2005

As Tbilisi rolled out its red carpet to international film-critics, producers and movie-stars, Max Factor was of course there. Max Factor consultants, dressed in their Max Factor uniforms, offered the guests a full MF make-up service. Ordinary people could have their make-up done Max Factor glamour-style and were transformed into stars of the big screen in an instant. After all: Max Factor ís the make-up of make-up artists.

Professionals at work

Max Factor team at your service

Max Factor Event

Preceding the Max Factor conference in Milan end of September this year, Style Distribution organized its very own Event for Max Factor sales consultants. On September 23 consultants from several resellers were welcomed in our recently opened Voulez-Vous shop at Vaja Pshavela Avenue. As they enjoyed refreshments they were presented with a film presentation about the history of Max Factor, technical details about the products and new developments. Also demonstrations were given by our experienced make-up artists. Of course nobody went home empty handed: at the end of the evening everybody was presented with a special gift, with compliments of Style!

Charming presentation

Sales consultants were impressed

Boss in Motion Green Spraying Action

Boss in Motion green presented

On August 22, famous Georgian singers Liza Bagrationi and Nato Metonidzea gave a concert in Batumi’s leading nightclub “Coordinate 41/41”. The concert was completely sold out, and the presentation of the evening was in the hands of Style’s charming PR& Media manager Nino Nodia.
This concert offered an excellent opportunity to present the new Limited Edition of Boss “Boss in Motion Green” to exactly the target group of potential clients for which this new and trendy fragrance is intended.

Archil Arveladze in motion

Amongst the guest were famous Georgian football player Archil Arveladze and singer David Gomartelli.

David Gomartelli got inspired

All visitors had the opportunity to test the fragrance, they received flyers, gifts and samples. Everybody appreciated this presentation. And they liked the new fragrance very much !

A smile says more then a word

Baldessarini Del Mar Spraying Action in Batumi

On August 8th, at the opening of the Rockfestival at the hottest nightclub of seaside city Batumi: “Coordinate 41/41” Style organized a spectacular spraying action. When entering the club, all visitors were presented the look, feel and smell of the new fragrance Baldessarini “Del Mar”. Throughout the night the beautiful promo girls mingled with the audience to give everyone the opportunity to try and experience the fragrance.

And what a better place to experience this new fragrance than in this charming atmosphere in Batumi, Georgia’s subtropical equivalent of the French Riviera on the Black Sea Coast ?

Baldessarini del Mar stand

Exciting launches Boss Soul and Valentino V

Two exciting new fragrances in our portfolio were launched 23 of May in the new shop on Melikishvili Avenue: Boss Soul and Valentino V.

Guests and celebrities from movie, dance and theatre world were invited. And so were representatives of the French, and Dutch embassies and guests from England, Wales, Armenia, Holland, France and Italy.

In a professional and upbeat audiovisual presentation, marketing manager Nata Lukhutashvili presented the new fragrances.

presented by Nata Lukhutashvili

Boss Soul and Valentino V models came forward "out of the screen" and let the audience smell the new fragrances.

Boss Soul and Valentino V Models

The shop was beautifully decorated by  "Voulez-Vous" designer Ina.

Art by Ina

The presentation was greeted with loud applause. And during the cocktail party afterward, everyone received a glass of champagne with either a zirkonia stone, or a real diamond ! The event was a great success which was broadcasted on television and radio !



A diamond in my glass!