Baldessarini “Ambre” on “Matrioshka’s” birthday
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VALENTINO ETE in the beautiful garden
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10-year anniversary "Voulez-Vous"
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"Voulez-Vous" at Melikishvili Street opened !
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Style Distribution has expended our portfolio in cosmetics business through Collistar, the leader of the Italian cosmetics market. Exclusively sold at selected perfumeries, Collistar cosmetics meet the highest quality standards and are leaders in terms of technological innovation. Since 1997 Collistar has successfully introduced its products to several European countries and Georgia is one of the first countries outside Europe to present the Collistar range. Following the extraordinary market response of its women’s range, Collistar entered the men’s cosmetic market in 2002.
The Collistar range covers make-up, facial skin care, body skin care, anti-cellulite and sun-tanning products as well as a men's line.

Collistar make-up Collistar make-up offers highly fashionable products which ensure the perfect look and provide unbeatable skin beauty care. Rich, very pure and highly eudermic ingredients are used. Original colours, light textures and a longlasting effect make Collistar cosmetics the absolute avantgarde in beauty products.

Collistar Face care is the result of the most advanced research, consisting of an extraordinary range of cosmetics for skin care and protection, suitable for every kind of skin and need. Among the latest innovations are Perfecta, an effective global anti-age program and Rigenera, a specific line designed to compensate the hormonal deficiencies of ageing skin.

Collistar Body Perfect is a rich and diverse line of beauty care with specific products for keeping the skin compact, supple and young. This special body care line includes a complete range of highly innovative and effective anticellulite products such as thermal mud and firming wraps.

Collistar Benessere is a range of unique body treatments resulting from in-depth research and taking advantage of the synergy between aromatherapy and phytocosmetics. Collistar Benessere offers multi-sensorial treats for the well-being of body and mind.

Collistar Perfect Tan is a complete range of suncare products, ranging from total sun protection to products that accelerate and intensify the natural tanning process as well as self-tanning products. While providing full protection for the skin this line also includes specific treatment action.

Special Perfect Hair, one of Collistar’s latest introductions, is a complete hair care programme. The result of close cooperation between Collistar’s Research laboratories and a team of hair stylists and hair care professionals of international fame, the line provides specific solutions for all types of hair.

Collistar Sporting is a range of highly energising products that combine the beneficial effects of pure plant essences with precious moisturising and mineralising substances. A full treatment for the body in movement!

Collistar's wide range of products