Baldessarini “Ambre” on “Matrioshka’s” birthday
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VALENTINO ETE in the beautiful garden
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10-year anniversary "Voulez-Vous"
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"Voulez-Vous" at Melikishvili Street opened !
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Conter Spa

Since 2005 Style Distribution has become a supplier of Conter Spa’s wide range of products. With this we have expended our portfolio and extended our range and variety of products once again.

Conter SpA has been manufacturing and selling Toiletries and Homecare products for 25 years. It was taken over in 1995, when turnover was about 1.6 million Euro; turnover in 2005 was around 150 million Euro.

The company made a successful strategic decision to reacquire Italian brands which had been sold to foreign multinationals and were characterised by a strong attraction, creating a rich brand portfolio.

Its ability to sense and anticipate market trends and know how to transform them into useful products for consumers has enabled the Company to develop successfully and become one of the protagonists of the Italian market.

Conter focuses its activities in three business sectors: Personal Care, Oral Care and Home Care.

Personal Care
Conter boasts a vast range of body care products available on the market: bath and shower, body creams, soaps, deodorants and perfumes, as well as shaving products. Denim, Leocrema, Tesori d’Oriente, Vidal, Elixir d’Aromes, Gaia, Marsiglia, Centifolia and Blumen Bad are the brands that have marked the company’s success in the reference market.

Oral Care
Durban's, A complete product range to satisfy every oral hygiene requirement: from toothbrushes to toothpastes, from mouthwashes to specialist products (dental floss and products for denture care).

Home Care
This sector comprises a vast range of products for making the homes of consumers cleaner and more comfortable: from surface cleaners to washing-up liquid, bathroom hygiene and air fresheners and even insecticides and perfumes for your household linen and clothes. The products are marked with Spic&Span, Floral Fresh, Stop, WC2000, Amidò, Canfora della Tigre, Rapida.

Tesori d'Oriente Bath Cream JasminLeocrema Bath CreamDurban's Toothpaste ActivSpic&SpanVidal Perfume Deodorant